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The Tacoma Tree Foundation empowers community members to plant and care for trees in Tacoma. We see trees and plants as part of a healthy and livable community.



At the Tacoma Tree Foundation, we see greening as a gateway to civic engagement and an opportunity to cultivate social cohesion. We focus our efforts on educating, empowering, and supporting community members in greening activities. At the Tacoma Tree Foundation, we also know that communities need more than trees to be healthy, so our community events include access to other resources, depending on the interest and needs of the neighborhood. Below are some of the activities we are currently focused our efforts on.


Planting is a gateway to civic engagement and community cohesion.



The Tacoma Tree Foundation was created in 2018 as a result of a growing awareness of the interest and excitement that area residents have for trees. The Tacoma Tree Foundation was created as an organization that would focus specifically on educating, supporting, and coordinating community planting in the Tacoma area.


How we work

Network of Community Tree Stewards

Through a nine hour training program, community tree champions learn proper planting techniques, tree care best practices, local regulations, and how to answer tree-related questions. Tacoma Tree Foundation works with community tree stewards to implement and maintain neighborhood plantings. To participate in the Community Tree Stewards Program, email info@tacomatrees.org


Voice for Sustainable Urban Forestry

Tacoma Tree Foundation helps to lend a voice to tree preservation and tree care both of which are important components of a sustainable tree canopy. We develop community platforms regarding increasing tree preservation, ensuring community perspectives are considered before tree removals due to construction, encouraging equitable distribution of environmental resources, encouraging support for tree removal of hazardous trees, and elevating understanding of tree care best practices (including improving pruning practices). If you would like to participate in this work, please email info@tacomatrees.org.


Pop-Up Urban Forests

We bring plants to neighborhoods and invite neighbors to be playful and imagine how plants can be incorporated into the landscape. If you would like to learn more about our Pop-Up Urban Forests, email info@tacomatrees.org.

Stems for Science

We integrate science and science literacy into many aspects of our work, including through community tree mapping and inventory work. If you would like to learn more about our science literacy and mapping projects, email info@tacomatrees.org.


Upcoming Events and Workshops


Civic Engagement Alert: STC Meeting - fourth thursday every month

Discuss Tacoma’s Urban forest at the Sustainable Tacoma Commission at 4:30 in the Municipal Services Building room 243. For more information on the commission visit the City of Tacoma website here.

Urban tree sale - open now

Pierce Conservation District has a great opportunity to get low cost trees for your property. Register here.

Community Tree Planting - october 19 2019

We will be planting trees at Edison Elementary School, cleaning their garden, planting trees in the neighborhood and we will have a plant giveaway at the school. Join us at Edison located at 5830 S. Pine St. from 9-noon We could definitely use some more hands for this project. Opportunity to Volunteer and to Get Free Plants!

Urban Forest Management Plan - October 22 2019

This is a public meeting at the Eastside Community Center Social Hall to discuss Tacoma’s urban forest. Opportunity to Voice Your Perspective!


Tree Stewards Training - Fall 2019

Become a recognized Tree Steward with the Tacoma Tree Foundation. During this 8-hour program, participants will learn best practices for planting and caring for young trees, how to talk to your neighbors about trees, how to organize tree planting events, and how to access available resources. Register today by filling out the form here.

Tree Walk and Talk

Join us to learn more about nearby trees. We will learn about different kinds of trees at the park and the surrounding neighborhood, practice measuring trees, and enjoy a comfortable walk.

hilltop tree Distributions - Fall 2019

We have two Hilltop programs this fall. The Hilltop Shade Tree Program- free shade trees available for the south side of properties. This project is a partnership between Tacoma Tree Foundation and TPU. The Hilltop Native Plant and Fruit Tree Distribution provides a variety of trees and plants to help green Tacoma. Register today by filling out the form here.

Tree Warming party

Become a host and invite your friends and neighbors to a tree party in your home. We will bring some trees and plants and discuss how to green your neighborhood. Register today by filling out the form here.


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